Specialist knowledge gains client over £200,000 in compensation

Workers on a construction site

Mr M, a joiner from Dundee, was injured in an accident on a construction site. With the help of Digby Browns’ specialist knowledge in work accidents and no win no fee funding, he secured fair compensation.

How did the work accident happen?

Mr M was working in a construction site and carrying out joinery tasks for a company.

As he was climbing the ladder to get to the roof of the building, he fell. The ladder had been erected by his employers at the construction site.

The accident was caused by the fault and negligence of his employer.

Impact of work accident

Mr M sustained a severe fracture to his leg and was unable to work for around 6 months after the accident. He only returned to work after 6 months as he couldn’t afford to be off for any longer, even though he was still in pain.

Even a couple of years after the accident, he struggled with certain tasks at work such as working on rough ground.

Local solicitors unable to get employers to admit fault

Mr M went to a local firm of solicitors to raise a claim against his previous employer.

They initially denied liability for the work accident.

Digby Brown’s specialist solicitors secure rightful compensation

Digby Brown has specialist solicitors with expert knowledge in workplace accidents who truly understand the law in this complex area of law - namely the Work at Height Regulations 2005 in this case.

Combined with Digby Brown’s no win no fee funding, our solicitors were able to raise court proceedings against the employer and instructed specialist engineers to give evidence about safe use of ladders.

It was found that the ladder was not an appropriate means of access for Mr M and as such, he received nearly a quarter of a million pounds.