Waste of time going to car insurer for injury claim

Cars parked along a street

“Don’t go through your insurer for an injury claim. We wasted time trying it this way – wish we had just went to Digby Brown from the very beginning.”

A 23-year-old woman from Dundee was parking outside her family home when another motorist hit the driver’s side of her car.

“When I called the car insurance company, they passed me to a solicitor in Glasgow - and they were absolutely useless.

“It was a living nightmare. The way they spoke to me was dreadful – at one point they tried to accuse me of being at fault even though they were meant to be helping me!”

They were unable to establish fault and progress the case - they said the best they could do was 50/50 on liability. In the end, they closed the case based on poor prospects of success.

She then got in touch with the Digby Brown Dundee office. After hearing what had happened, we agreed to take on the case. We had local knowledge of the area and could not understand how the other driver failed to see the client.

Furthermore, the other two passengers in the car and an independent witness supported our client’s version of events – as well as local police who attended the accident.

But, the previous solicitors had made no effort to speak to any of these witnesses.

“We were up to our eyeballs in stress before coming to Digby Brown - but Craig Brown who dealt with our case took that all away. We were able to have face to face meetings and he was so reassuring – we never doubted him for a second.

“He dug and dug and found things we would never have known. He got all the evidence needed to prove we were not at fault.”

Our Dundee office raised a Court action, but before the case was heard in court, we were able to reach a successful conclusion. In the end, the case settled for £3,500.

“I was delighted with the result and so glad it was all over. It was a massive weight off my shoulders and I felt everything got better after I contacted Digby Brown, and once it was all over I was able to move on.”