A million reasons why uninsured drivers are a real problem

Traffic in town

With the seizure today of Britain’s millionth uninsured vehicle it highlights that at least 1 in 34 vehicles on the roads in the UK are without insurance.  Statistically uninsured drivers account for 160 deaths and 23,000 injuries, a disproportionately high percentage compared to those with insurance.  This, of course, is understandable given that if you are willing to break the law with regards to driving without insurance then what other laws speeding, red lights, would you disregard.

Digby Brown campaigns alongside Brake, the road safety charity to enforce drivers to have insurance including:

  • An insurance disc displayed in the window of the car
  • Stiffer fines for those caught without insurance
  • And, automatic disqualification for at least a year for those caught without insurance

A lot of people believe that if you are involved in an accident with an uninsured driver then you cannot make a claim and it is you or your own insurance which will have to pay for repair to your car leading to a loss of no-claims bonus and rise in premium.  This however is not correct. In the UK where there is no insurance present for the negligent party then the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) will step in as the third parties insurer, this will apply for both damage to the vehicle as well as injury compensation for you the driver and any passengers.

Digby Brown on a yearly basis helps in the region of 2,000 people who have been involved in accidents on Britain’s roads and for a substantial number this will be because of negligent, uninsured drivers.