Booking your driving test after lockdown? Here’s what you need to know

Driving Lesson taking place during Covid Pandemic

If you booked a driving test that was cancelled due to most recent COVID-19 lockdown rules then you are now able to reschedule this as booking is now open on the DVLA website.

The rules which apply to driving lessons will still apply during your test and you can read more about this in our blog “Returning to driving lessons after lockdown”.

As with lessons, the car used in your test will be cleaned before each outing and the examiner will use anti-viral wipes to clean points of contact such door handles and steering wheels.

You should not arrive for your driving test more than five minutes before your appointed slot. The waiting room in the driving test centre will be closed to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The DVLA have introduced additional social distancing measures and safety precautions, including: 

  • Driving examiners wearing face coverings, they might also choose to use disposable seat covers and wear gloves. 
  • Limiting the number of people arriving for a driving test at the same time.
  • Driving instructors or supervising driver will not be allowed to sit in the back during the test. 

As with driving lessons face coverings are mandatory, the only reasons for not wearing a face covering during your test are:

  • If you have a disability or physical or mental illness or impairment that means you cannot put on, wear or remove a face covering. 
  • Putting on, wearing or removing a face covering would cause you severe distress. 
  • Removal of the face covering during your test to prevent harm or injury to yourself or others. 

Wearing glasses does not count as a reason for not wearing a face covering. It’s recommended you practice driving with your face covering on which may help you feel calmer and prepared for your test.

It is important to note that your test will be cancelled if you fail to bring a face covering or have not advised in advance why you cannot wear one.

During your test you are allowed to say if your face covering needs adjusting. 

As with any driving test, if you make a mistake during your test, try stay calm and keep going.

However if the mistake is a serious or dangerous fault which would lead to a fail. The instructor will end the test there and take you back to the centre so you are not in the car for longer than need be.

At end of your test the examiner will ask you to leave the car before they give you the result of your test and will ask your instructor to come over at a safe distance to listen to the feedback.

As with lessons, you must not attend your driving test if you or someone in your household has any symptoms of COVID-19 or if you’ve been told by the NHS Test and Trace service that you’ve been in contact with a person who has COVID-19.

Should you have to self-isolate you can change the date of your test for free, including if you have to do it at short notice (within three clear working days of the test).