Can I make a claim if I had a road traffic accident on holiday?

Car in front breaking

Nobody likes to think that it is possible to be injured whilst away on holiday but the unfortunate truth is that just like at home, accidents on the road do happen even when travelling abroad.

Being involved in a road traffic accident on holiday can be hugely distressing and bring what is meant to be a great vacation to an upsetting conclusion.

Not only is it difficult and unsettling dealing with foreign hospitals when you might not speak their local language, it can also result in costly unexpected financial expenses.

Road traffic accident abroad claim

Whether you were the driver, passenger, cyclist or pedestrian, you may be eligible to claim compensation for your injuries, upset and financial losses.

You may also be able to claim even if the other driver was uninsured, or even untraced. We have a specialist Foreign and Travel Lawyers who help people in exactly these types of situations.

Claims for road traffic accident in Europe

In many cases, people who have been injured in a road traffic accident in Europe, can now make a claim for compensation in the Scottish Courts, avoiding the additional expense and uncertainty of having to litigate in a foreign country.

Claims for road traffic accident outside Europe

If the accident happened outside Europe, you may not be able to pursue a road traffic accident abroad claim through the Scottish courts but our specialist team can help if this is the position you find yourself in - we have access to a global network of specialist personal injury lawyers who can help guide you through the compensation process.

Are there any differences to making a claim for an accident abroad than in Scotland?

Making a claim for compensation for an accident abroad will be slightly different to making a claim in Scotland.

For example, every country may have a slightly different time limit for making a claim in their jurisdiction. 

In Scotland, the standard time to make a claim is 3 years but in some European countries this can be shorter, for instance in Spain you only have one year to claim.

Additionally, the compensation you are entitled to may be determined by the legal system of the country where the accident occurred rather than Scottish law.

Specialist personal injury lawyers for road traffic accidents abroad

Whatever the circumstances, if you have been injured as a result of a road traffic accident abroad, our specialist team is here to help you.

This is a complex and evolving area of law and you need prompt, expert and informed advice.

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Alternatively, read about some of the clients we have helped make a claim for compensation for injuries abroad.