Digby Brown assisting man whose husband died after complications with Omnipod insulin pump

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Today it was confirmed that respected advocate Paul McNairney passed away following complications with an Omnipod insulin pump.

Early analysis suggests the 39-year-old from Glasgow died after the device administered four days worth of insulin in less than an hour.

Health regulators are now analysing the US-made device to understand any part it may have played in this tragic and sudden loss.

Digby Brown Solicitors can confirm it is supporting Paul’s husband Scott Craig as he seeks answers.

Mark Gibson, Head of Product Liability, said: “I commend Mr Craig talking about the loss of his husband in the hope of helping others – it takes great strength to do so.

“As I understand it a medical device is being analysed by the authorities for any part it may have played in the death of Mr McNairney.

“In the meantime we will continue to support his loved ones and help them get the answers they deserve.”

Further information can be found on various media outlets including STV, The Herald and USA Today