Digby Brown Launch Legal Actions for Victims of Faulty Oculentis Intraocular Implants

Woman getting eyes examined

Our expert Product Liability team is acting for 10 clients who have been left with vision problems after receiving specialist eye surgery.

The treatment involved a permanent artificial lens – the Oculentis Intraocular Lens - implanted into the eye to improve vision or prevent cataracts.

Patients were told the lens would last for life and it was often recommended as an alternative to laser surgery.

However just a few years after undergoing the procedure many patients experienced hazy vision like looking through tracing paper or cloudiness – others had to undergo additional surgery to remove and replace the implants.
The manufacturers Oculentis twice issued recalls for lenses claiming issues could have been caused by a manufacturing cleaning detergent still being present on the lens. 

It’s thought up to 100 Scots could be affected. The Oculentis lenses were implanted between around 2010 and 2012.

Partner Mark Gibson, who leads the product liability team, has now urged anyone who underwent similar treatment to seek immediate medical and legal advice.

He said: “Some of our clients have suffered permanent deterioration of their vision not to mention losing out on income or other aspects of their life because their sight has been so drastically affected.

“Revision surgery has been necessary for many people affected where they’ve had these implanted lenses removed and then replaced.

“We are currently pursuing around 10 cases but our investigations lead us to believe around 800 people in the UK could be affected by Oculentis Intraocular Lens defects, with estimates of between 80 to 100 of those affected residing in Scotland.

“There is clear legislation that is designed to protect consumers from injury from defective products and we will rigorously pursue these cases on this basis so each person affected receives the acknowledgement, revised healthcare and damages they are entitled to.”

If you think you may have been affected and would like legal advice, please contact our specialist legal team on 0333 200 5925.