Digby Brown teams up with Trees for Life to fight paper waste

David McGowan, Associate at Digby Brown Inverness, Kirsten Smith, CSR Manager, Alex Baxter from Trees for Life, Sarah Fraser and Sarah Newman, Solicitor Inverness office

Digby Brown is fighting back against paper waste in the legal system by joining a scheme to create a forest in the Highlands.

We teamed up with Trees for Life to plant 280 trees this month - one tree for each employee - and pledged a further 280 trees every year going forwards.

Staff from Digby Brown’s Inverness office, along with CSR Manager Kirsten Smith, visited Dundreggan Caledonian Forest to learn more about the scheme.

Team from Inverness office and Kirsten Smith from the Glasgow office at lab for Trees for Life at Dundreggan Caledonian Forest

The eco-charity has existed for nearly 30 years and seeks to re-wild the ancient Caledonian Forest just south of Inverness.

Volunteers have already planted more than two million trees which has also resulted in the return of deer, boar and red squirrel to the region. 

Fraser Oliver, Chief Executive at Digby Brown, now hopes other law firms will join the offsetting scheme to reduce the carbon footprint of Scotland’s courts.

He said: “As the world looks at ways to reduce waste and improve the environment it is only right we look at ourselves and consider how we can make positive changes.

“Sadly, as a single firm we can’t change the court process, but we can change our habits or replace what we consume.

“We’ve already introduced reusable cups and drinks bottles for staff as well as changed our paper use.

“We believe every little effort matters because our environment matters and we encourage other law firms to care for the future and work with Trees for Life.”