Extent of Asbestos danger in Schools in Scotland revealed

Asbestos in roof sheet

The presence of asbestos in school’s buildings and the public health dangers it could pose to people of all ages using these buildings has been an ongoing issue Digby Brown has been actively raising awareness of.

This week has seen the topic in the news as the scale of the problem has been revealed.  In Fife alone, asbestos is present in 154 school nurseries.

Fraser Simpson, Partner and Head of Digby Brown’s specialist Industrial Disease Department, discussed the problem, the threat it poses and the action local and national government should be taking as part of a Fife Free Press article:

“Asbestos exposure is often thought of as a relic of our industrial past, associated with the dockyards and industries that were present in Fife and elsewhere.

“These figures show that this is far from the case. Asbestos is a public health threat to people of all ages today and one which needs to be urgently addressed, to help reduce the consequences of asbestos disease for future generations.”

Along with Fraser, John Fearn from Asbestos Action and Sarah Lyons from the National Union of Teachers are also quoted in the article. 

John and Sarah were among the speakers at a recent conference, “Asbestos: Challenges today and the threat to future generations”, organised by two asbestos support groups Clydebank Asbestos Group and Asbestos Action, and supported by Digby Brown.   

At the conference, Sarah Lyons discussed the results of a recent Joint Union Asbestos Committee report which showed that asbestos is still present in up to 75% of schools in England, and the work the group has done to raise awareness of the public health threat in this area, including securing a Department for Education review of its Asbestos Policy for Schools and new guidance to schools on dealing with the threat.

The figures revealed this week show the urgent need for similar action in Scotland. Find out more about Asbestos present in schools across Scotland