Horse Riding Accidents - How we can help

Beware sign horse riders

Horse riding in Scotland has never been more popular but it is a sad fact that horse riders are vulnerable to injury when involved in an accident.

Often as a result of an accident you may suffer an injury; loss of earnings; your riding hat or other equipment will need replacing; and if riding your own horse substantial vets fees and the replacement of expensive tack may leave you out of pocket.

At Digby Brown we have the expert knowledge and experience in dealing with horse accident claims. 

Working with the British Horse Society

Digby Brown are committed to doing anything we can to keep those riding horses around Scotland safe and to improve equine welfare.

We work alongside the British Horse Society (BHS), the foremost and most influential equestrian charity, in Scotland.

Horse riding accidents

There are various ways in which an accident can occur when riding. An example would be whilst out riding on the road, a car overtakes you too close or too fast and causes an accident.

Accidents can occur whilst riding at a riding school either in an arena or out on a hack and riding establishments are under a duty to take reasonable care of their clients; .

Transporting horses can also pose risks; whilst competing or whilst riding out with friends. However, when out riding accidents can also occur as a result of Gas Guns or Bird Scarers and there are legal controls for the use of these.

Low flying aircrafts are a common cause of accidents and the MOD take it very seriously when accidents happen as a direct result of their flying activities and have worked closely with the BHS to try to avoid these.