How to report cold callers

We Never Cold Call Campaign

Previously we’ve highlighted what you can do to prevent cold callers contacting you, but what if you received a nuisance cold call and want to report it?

Depending on the type of call there are a number of ways to report a cold call, and data from the Information Commissioner’s Office shows that 103,733 complaints were made in 2020 alone.

So what can you do?

Abandoned and silent calls

These are calls where when you answer the phone and there is silence at the end of the line and it then disconnects -  or there is an automated message advising there is no one available to take your call and it then disconnects.

If you have received this type of call the best thing to do is complete a Silent and Abandoned Calls Complaint Monitoring form which can be found on the Ofcom website. This is an online form which is relatively short and straightforward to complete and logs the complaint on your behalf.

Telesales calls

If you have already registered with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) you should not receive unsolicited telesales calls. You can register both your landline and your mobile with TPS and full details can be found in our recent blog about what to do to prevent cold callers.

However, if you are not registered for TPS and you receive a telesales call you can still contact the organisation that contacted you and tell them you no longer want to be contacted.

If the calls continue after you ask them not to contact you or if you are registered for TPS then you should report this to the Information Commissioner’s Office. All you need to do is to complete the online form which should take around five minutes and your complaint will be submitted. You can also use the same form to report spam texts.

You will probably know by now that Digby Brown does not cold call.

In fact we are with the majority of the public in that we want cold calling to stop.

If you have received a cold call from someone claiming to be from Digby Brown we want you to get in touch so we can investigate this further.

We only call people who have contacted us first, if you would like to speak to us about a potential case then you can either call us on the number below or complete an enquiry form and someone from our Legal Enquiry Team will call you back.