Insurers attempt to manipulate vulnerable injured people


Time and time again, our personal injury lawyers see insurers making offers to settle a person’s injury claim without any medical evidence being collected, in an attempt to under settle their claim.

Why is medical evidence important in an injury case?

Without medical evidence, it is impossible to know what an injured person is entitled to. The injuries from the accident need to be examined and it is critical to establish how these injuries will heal and any long-term implications.

None of us are clairvoyants. Until medical evidence is considered, there is no way to accurately know if an offer by an insurer is fair or not.

Our lawyers have also seen insurers making enticing offers before medical evidence has been collected but with a clause attached where any expense of litigation – i.e. taking the case to court – would be deducted from the final compensation offer if they were to reject that early offer.

By attaching this clause, it means the expenses of building a case against them, including specialist medical reports, would be deducted from the previous offer.

These are clear attempts to manipulate vulnerable clients into accepting early offers – which may not properly compensate them for their losses.

In serious injury cases, an individual may be unable to work which can cause financial difficulties. They may not be able to access the rehabilitation they need without private healthcare or pay for the adaptions that their home will require.

As a result, £100,000 can sound like an amazing offer and be very tempting to accept – but this could only be a fraction of what they need for the rest of their life. How long would £100,000 last if the injured person was only 25 years old, unable to return to work and needing to pay for specialist care?

Compensation exists to help individuals injured in preventable accidents get back to how they were before the accident. The compensation is for the losses they have suffered and the impact the accident has on their lives, and their families, now and in the future.

It is our job to make sure individuals secure the compensation they are entitled to. However, time and time again, insurers will try and under settle injury claims and use whatever tactic possible to pay as little as they can to injured, vulnerable individuals.

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