Inverness office battle through the Beast Race for local mental health charity

Inverness Office standing in front of the Beast Race 2019 banner before the event begins

With more than 25 obstacles across 10k of rugged terrain, staff from our Inverness office put their endurance to the test by taking on the Loch Ness Beast Race last Saturday to raise money for their local mental health charity partner. 

The Beast Race was set along the banks of Loch Ness, and included 25 different obstacles for daring participants to overcome. Contestants endured everything - from wading through chest high mud to being blasted by ice cold loch water - all the while racing to the finish line where they were launched off a waterslide to complete the race. 

The weather showed no kindness either, with officials describing the event as the wettest and muddiest beast race to date…

Inverness Office on monkey bars at Beast Race 2019

However, the elements and gruelling obstacles were no match for our Inverness Office, who completed the race in impressive time.

Despite the adverse weather conditions, fortune favoured our brave fundraisers as they managed to raise over £1000 for local mental health charity, Mikey’s Line.

David McGowan, associate in our Inverness office, was one of the staff members who braved the Beast Race:

“The race was challenging, with the worst weather conditions yet for the event - the whole course was made even more difficult."

“A barb-wire crawl through thick mud, a freezing swim in Loch Ness, and trying to navigate soaking wet monkey bars - it was no easy task. But the team had great fun, and it was well worth the effort!”

Inverness Office 'after pic' at Beast Race 2019

“We are delighted to raise over £1,000 for Mikey’s Line, and being able to support such a fantastic cause makes the whole experience even more enjoyable.”

Mikey’s Line, founded in 2015, offer non-judgemental and confidential peer support across the Highlands. They help those affected by emotional distress, depression, loneliness and isolation to maintain their mental health, lending a supportive ear to those in need.

If you would like to help the team reach their fundraising goal, you can donate to the Inverness JustGiving page to help the cause.  The office will continue to raise money for charity partner Mikey’s Line throughout the year.

Our Aberdeen office are also braving the Banchory Beast Race later on this month on behalf of Aberdeen-based mental health charity, Sunrise Partnership.