It matters...helping people who become ill through work access justice

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It matters...helping people who become ill through work access justice

It isn’t fair or right that anyone should develop a disease simply through going to work. Unfortunately, many people in Scotland have become ill for that reason, whether through exposure to asbestos, working in extremely noisy environments or unsafe use of vibrations tools. Scottish Government statistics released in September 2013 show that nearly 2,000 people were admitted to hospital with asbestos-related conditions alone across Scotland in 2011/12.

The effect on victims and their families 

We know the effect that developing an industrial disease or illness can have, not just on the person with the condition but on those around them.   These are not illness of the 1950s or 60s; they are real illness effecting people right now.  At Digby Brown, we believe individuals affected in this way should be able to access justice and claim fair and appropriate compensation.

Access to justice and compensation

As a firm, we believe in giving people access to justice when they need it most.  In addition to legal support and representation, we help people who have developed an industrial disease or illness get expert medical advice and help and advice on benefits and welfare support they may be entitled to. 

Digby Brown work alongside organisations dedicated to helping people in this situation and are proud of our long-standing relationship with Asbestos Action.

Working alongside Asbestos Action

Digby Brown work and campaign alongside Asbestos Action, a Scottish charity who provide support and advice to people with an asbestos-related disease.   Asbestos Action provide advice and support on asbestos-related conditions, family support and benefits and welfare matters to people across Scotland.  

Fraser Simpson, Head of Digby Brown’s Industrial Disease Department, regularly contributes to the Asbestos Action Conference and Seminars and works alongside the charity to raise awareness of asbestos-related conditions among politicians, the media, and the general public.

There's more on the work of Asbestos Action (Tayside) in this powerful video.

Digby Brown’s Industrial Disease department helps people with a wide range of work-related illnesses from Asbestos disease to Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome.