It matters...helping to try and reduce road traffic accidents

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Being involved in a road traffic accident is extremely traumatic no matter how minor.

In Scotland alone there were, according to Transport Scotland, 11,268 people injured as the result of road accidents in 2014. The majority of people (63%) suffered slight injuries with 178 fatal cases. 

At Digby Brown we see first-hand the effects that a personal injury has on people lives, and those around them, as a result of the negligence of others.

No injury is a minor injury

We understand that whiplash in most road accidents is not a minor nuisance but a serious condition which can render a person incapable of work for a significant period of time. 

We understand that for some the accident will mean their lives will be affected for a long time and their injuries will take significant time to heal, a lengthy period off work and can cause permanent problems in the future.

For a significant number who are helped by our serious injury solicitors their life and their close family has changed forever.

Claiming fair compensation

As a firm we strongly believe in trying as best as possible to help people get back to a pre-accident position through claiming fair compensation for the injuries and losses they have sustained. We also believe as a firm to assist organisations who are trying to reduce the number of road accidents which happen every day on the roads.

Campaigning to reduce road accidents

Digby Brown has for many years been involved with Brake the road safety charity and each year is actively involved with their Road Safety Campaign. Fraser Simpson, Partner in the firm’s Glasgow office, is their Scottish spokesperson.

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For the past four years the firm has sponsored and been actively involved in Edinburgh Young Drivers, run by the Streets Ahead partnership.  Every sixth year pupil in Edinburgh is invited to an event which highlights the dangers of driving. It is a sad fact that young people are by far the most likely to be involved in either a serious or fatal road traffic accident within the first two years of passing their test.

Our Motorcycling law team has long supported road safety and is extremely active in helping these vulnerable road users. And our Cycling accident solicitors has been involved in a number of local events which promote the most vulnerable group on our roads – our luminous slapwraps are ever popular at all the events we attend.