Legal action against Glasgow salon for rare injury

Getting haircut

Our specialist beauty treatment lawyer Jennifer Watson is helping a mum pursue a £1million landmark legal case against a beauty salon when she suffered a stroke after having her hair washed.

Jennifer Watson is now investigating Rainbow Rooms in Glasgow over claims of negligence after our client repeatedly had her head pulled backwards into a basin. It is also alleged that it did not have protective padding.

These kinds of injuries are not very common but they do happen. It is hoped the court action – believed to be the first of its kind in Scotland – will help improve industry standards and raise public awareness to the dangers of beauty treatments across the country.

Jennifer Watson, an Associate at our Dundee office, said: “A civil action against Rainbow Rooms is being rigorously pursued on the grounds of negligence after our client’s life was undeniably altered following her appointment with their salon.

“Thousands of people will seek beauty treatment like this every year and our client is incredibly brave in speaking out as a way of alerting others to the risks.

“Strokes caused by hair washes are extremely rare but they are not unheard of as there has been a handful of similar cases from across the globe – however I’m not aware of anything similar having called in Scottish courts.

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