Life after motorcycle injury


Lianda Barnes, Partner and specialist solicitor in Motorcycle Law, discusses life after an injury for the Scottish Biker Magazine in their October edition.


Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable to serious injuries due to the lack of protection a motorcycle affords compared to a car.

Andrew was riding his Yamaha DT125RE home from work when a car pulled out from a side road and hit his left leg.

He was wearing full kit and riding sensibly, within the speed limit but suffered significant and life changing injuries.


The driver initially said he didn’t see Andrew – a typical “sorry mate” moment. The driver’s insurers then tried to argue he must have been travelling too fast.

Andrew sought representation from Digby Brown, knowing that we specialise in motorcycle accident claims.

Our expert lawyers know that serious injury claims, such as amputation, requires specialist advice to make sure you secure both the compensation and the rehabilitation required for your future needs. Medical treatment aids and equipment are all vital in helping someone with a serious injury return to independent living.

Rehabilitation and access to support groups can help adjust to a new way of living.

With Digby Brown, Andrew was able to access vocational rehabilitation, and retrained to be a forklift truck driver, which gave him back his independence.

Interim payments

Specialist lawyers can arrange for interim payments to ease the financial weight of being off work and pay for private medical treatments.

Andrew needed access to psychological therapy and adapted accommodation.

Consultant architects were able to advise on the best way to modify his family home to help Andrew maintain his quality of life.

The Rehabilitation Code

This code is used to access early support and sets out a framework for insurers to make funds available for rehabilitation, and for other needs.

Andrew was suffering Phantom Limb pain, and was struggling to come to terms with the loss of his leg.

We know that early rehabilitation can have a positive impact, not only for clients like Andrew, but for the families who support them.

Life after injury

It’s important to recognise that the settlement of a case isn’t the end of the road. For some clients, it’s the beginning. Learning new ways of life.

Accessing specialist financial advice where settlements are designed to provide for life long care and equipment, and wage and pension losses. Personal injury trusts can be used to protect access to PIP awards and other benefits.

“Digby Brown did me well with my claim. They were very thorough, asking me things I wouldn’t have thought of, and they were always there at the other end of phone if I needed them. I trusted them to do a good job and they were very good.”

Getting you back on the bike is what matters

Getting the bike fixed is the easy part, getting you fixed is trickier.

Digby Brown Solicitors have many years' experience helping bikers with injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents and the road to recovery. 

We understand the unique issues: financial, medical and potential pre-existing prejudice. 

Our job is to take care of the legals - to put you back to where you belong.

Lianda Barnes

Lianda Barnes
Partner and specialist solicitor in Motorcycle Law