New Driver? Here's five helpful tips to staying safe on the road

Drivers steering wheel

As a new driver, journeys can be nerve wracking as you may be alone for the first time in the car without an instructor or another driver. Or perhaps taking a new route you haven’t been on before.

Our team have put together five helpful tips to help a new driver feel at ease on the road.

Plan ahead for new or long journeys

Plan ahead for new or long journeys in the car. Make sure you know the route beforehand and have a sat nav in case you need help.

You won’t always have to plan your route ahead but to begin with, it is a good way to build up confidence with your driving.

Also make sure you don’t drive longer than two hours, take a break so you remain fully focused on the road.

Understand warning signs of your car

Knowing the warning signs of your car and learning basic car maintenance in case something does go wrong on the road.

Do you know how to fill up your oil? Do you know the warning light for low brake fluids? These are all essential things to know to make sure you are equipped to deal with these situations should they arise – and you can do so confidently.

Emergency car kit

This is especially important in winter which many drivers discovered first hand in 2010 when Scotland experienced heavy snow across the country and many were left stranded for hours on motorways.

 An emergency car kit with jump leads, portable phone charger, water, de-icer and even a new tyre if possible will keep you prepared for anything.  Keep an eye on your fuel. It may sound silly, but you won’t be the first driver to suddenly find the car grind to a halt as the car runs out of fuel.

Ensure you always have enough petrol or diesel in the car for your journey – and this is especially important when driving for longer journeys.

Take your time on the road

Do not be forced into something you don’t feel confident or sure of. For example, don’t feel pressurised by a driver behind you if they are revving their engine or tooting their horn when at a roundabout or junction.  Only go when you feel safe to go.