Part 1: Getting ready for Summer? Look good with HD brows – safely

Woman's eyes and eyebrows

Insight and advice from Digby Brown Associate Jennifer Watson

As the weather is heating up and the dark nights are a thing of the past, we put away our winter coats and venture outside with a smile on our face.

However as we prepare for summer and try to look our best, it is important to be aware of popular treatments which can leave you exposed to some bad looking injuries.

Jennifer Watson, Associate in our Dundee office, highlights possible injuries with HD brow treatments and offers some tips to stay safe this summer.

HD brow treatments gone wrong

This treatment has been made popular by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Cheryl (formerly Cheryl Cole), with HD brows the must have celebrity beauty treatment. Combining tinting, waxing and threading this treatment creates a high definition look to eyebrows.

Unfortunately, many salons/brow bars are not affiliated with the HD product with staff failing to complete the appropriate training.

Poor patch testing or inexperienced staff

We are now coming across HD brow injuries too often as a result of poor patch testing or inexperienced staff, leaving their clients exposed to severe allergic reactions.

Top tips to safe HD brow treatments

We would strongly encourage everyone to carry out a little bit of homework before heading along to the salon. Three key things to check are:

  1. Salon is properly insured;
  2. Therapist is properly trained;
  3. Product is affiliated with HD brows.

Lastly, but most importantly, undertake a patch test to your face at least 48 hours prior to the treatment being commenced to ensure there is no negative effects.

What can you do if you have been injured from a beauty treatment?

If you have experienced an injury caused by a beauty treatment that has been poorly carried out, we can help.

Jennifer Watson is a Digby Brown Solicitor with experience and expertise in injuries caused by beauty treatments and hairdressing as well as a member of the Trichological Society.

Jennifer can be contacted on 01382 205 921 or at