People in the Highlands, Moray and the North East still at risk of workplace accidents

Fishing boat at sea

Wherever your workplace, you have the right to be safe at work.

In the Highlands, Moray and the North East of Scotland, there are many different types of workplace environments.

No-one should be exposed to unreasonable or unnecessary risk of injury whilst doing their job, whether that is in a shop, an office, on a fishing vessel, in the oil and gas industry or elsewhere.

Compensation after workplace accidents

Digby Brown Solicitors are specialists in helping people after an accident at work. Our Aberdeen and Inverness offices have experienced solicitors in dealing with these types of claims.

They have helped many clients in the Highlands, Moray and the North East get the very best outcome with claims for compensation after workplace accidents.

Fishing vessels are not like other workplaces

For example, our expert solicitors know that fishing vessels are not like other workplaces.

Our solicitors understand the environment on fishing vessels and the dangerous nature of the job.

They know the Industry Regulations which apply on board and the law covering those working on board vessels as share fishermen.

Man injured on commercial vessel

A recent case saw Digby Brown help a man injured while working on a commercial vessel. He fell into a recess which had been left open and exposed on deck. 

Our client suffered serious injuries to his ankle, causing ongoing pain and discomfort and affecting his ability to work, meaning significant loss of earnings.

Digby Brown fully investigated this complicated case and secured rightful compensation. Legislation sets out that there should be safe access around the vessel to allow those on board to do their job.

Man injured on maintaining a piece of machinery on vessel

In another case, we represented a client injured while maintaining a piece of machinery on a vessel.

Our client had not been given proper training on how to carry out the task and was struck by a metal rod, causing him facial injuries.

Digby Brown investigated and successfully pursued a claim under the Merchant Shipping Regulations.