Proposals for reduced speed limit on the A9 at Ross-shire

Speed camera warning sign

Digby Brown has represented numerous clients who have been involved in road traffic collisions at the notorious junction on the A9 leading into Asda on the approach from Tain.

Accidents are caused largely by driver error and a lack of attention at a difficult junction.

A filter lane that turns in to the right means that, if a driver is not paying enough attention and pulls out, they will find themselves on the road of oncoming traffic.

The consequence of road traffic accidents occurring at such a high speed means that other vehicles are easily caught in the collision.

In one such incident, we represented a group of schoolchildren travelling home in a taxi. A car waiting to turn into Tain misjudged the approaching traffic, and pulled out in front of the taxi. Despite the taxi drivers best efforts, he crashed with another stationary car waiting at the junction.

A combination of the curve of the road, the speed limit, and the constant flow of traffic enticed drivers to turn into the junction - when it was often not safe to do so.

This stretch of road has been recognised as one of the most dangerous roads in the north over the past five years, contributing to numerous collisions and injuries.

The high number of accidents have led campaigners to call for measures to be put in place by the relevant authorities to address this issue.

According to the Press and Journal, Transport Scotland are recognising the need for change and are now looking into implementing a reduced 50mph speed limit between the two junctions. They are doing so with a view to reducing the number of collisions and avoiding further injuries.

The 50mph limit is utilised in other locations around Inverness and the Highlands on approach to built up or high risk areas; Longman Roundabout and Kessock Bridge being examples.

The reduction to 50mph at this location should provide greater protection against accidents, and in reality will only reduce travel time by minutes.

This is a positive sign that the dangers of this stretch of road are being recognised by the relevant authorities.