Skiers injured on chairlift at Lecht Ski Centre highlights the dangers

Ski slope

With snow bringing skiers back to Scotland’s slopes, a recent incident (on Tuesday 12th February) involving five children and an adult at Lecht Ski Centre in Aberdeenshire has highlighted the consequences of any of the facilities at a ski centre failing to operate in the way they should.

The incident at Lecht involved a chair-lift derailing, leaving thirty people stranded and having to be rescued in addition to the six who were injured, it is believed after falling around 20ft (6m) to the ground, suffering broken bones and a potentially serious back injury.

Fraser Oliver, Partner, said:

“Anyone using the facilities at a ski centre should expect them to work safely and properly and should be entitled to claim compensation for any injuries they suffer as a result of any failure or negligence on behalf of the organisation running these centres.

“In this case, it is a matter for the investigations by Lecht Ski Centre and the Health and Safety Executive to determine what caused this accident. The individuals affected in any way by the incident should seek legal advice as to their own particular circumstances.“

Digby Brown have represented individuals who have been injured at Ski Centres in other parts of Scotland, achieving significant settlements for those affected. The firm has a specialist department with over 40 years experience dealing with every aspect of someone who has sustained a spinal cord injury.