TAXI!...What to do if you are in taxi accident

Taxi and cars on the road

Many of us may find ourselves in the back of a taxi in Scotland and never give it a second thought.

Whether it be after a night out, when its pouring with rain, or where the place you are going to is just that little bit too far.

We believe the driver will get us where we need to be safely.

For most of us, journeys such as this will go by without incident but some un-lucky few may find themselves involved in an accident travelling in a taxi and knowledge is key when it comes to claiming compensation for any injuries.

What should you do after a taxi accident?

Chances are, if people are travelling in a taxi they will be sitting in the back and, the majority of us won’t be paying too much attention to what’s going on around us.

However, as with any other accident claim, the more information you can provide your personal injury solicitors, the better chances you have of a successful claim and the easier the process will be.

1. Registration number of the taxi

First and foremost, if you get only one piece of information make sure it’s the registration number of the taxi.

Often a taxi is not driven by their owners but by getting the registration number of the vehicle it is possible to trace who was driving it at the time, and more importantly, tie it to an insurance policy.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the name of the taxi driver or their taxi licence number will be sufficient.

2. Taxi driver’s name and address

If you can get even more information, then that is even better.

The next best thing is of course the driver’s name and address. The driver’s name, together with his vehicle registration number can ensure the smooth progress of any subsequent claim.

3. If police are there, let them know you were a passenger

If the police are called to the scene of the accident, make yourself known to them and ensure that they record that you were a passenger in the taxi.

Don’t be afraid to do this. Again this will help confirm that you were indeed a passenger and can avoid all sorts of problems later on.

4. Seek medical attention

It is important if you are injured in the taxi accident that you get the necessary medical attention you require.

You may walk away feeling fine, but wake up the next day feeling sore. You should seek medical attention to be on the safe side and to support your case for compensation.

What if you were involved in a road accident with a taxi?

It is also worth bearing in mind that the same advice will apply if you find yourself in a vehicle which has been struck by a taxi.

Again, the more information you can get regarding the taxi, the driver and the insurer the more chance you will have of being successful in any subsequent claim.

Choosing the right solicitors for your taxi accident claim

Choosing the right lawyers for your taxi accident claim can make all the difference to your chances of successfully securing compensation, and being awarded the correct level of compensation for your injuries.

Determining fault of taxi accident

For example, the solicitor will need to determine who was at fault for the accident – the taxi driver, the other driver, the road conditions – to determine who the taxi claim will be raised against.

Taxi accident claim include injuries and losses

The solicitor will also need to gather expert medical opinions as to the extent of your accident injuries and how these will impact on you now, and in the future as well as determining any other losses you may have sustained as a result of the taxi accident.

This is where Digby Brown can help. We are specialist in personal injury claims and have successfully secured compensation for many people injured in road traffic accidents involving taxi’s.

Final thoughts...

Finally, as with all car journeys, remember to make sure you wear your seatbelt in a taxi. This can make the world of difference if you are involved in a taxi accident.