Think Bike? Think Car!

Taxi and cars on the road

Whilst the south of Britain has been battered by some of the worst storms in history, those of us in Scotland, and particularly on the east coast, have been lucky enough to have had some dry weather.

If you're one of the ones fortunate enough to have good weather this weekend and are thinking about dusting off the leathers and going for a run; the problems you face run to more than cold winds and freezing road temperatures.

Other road users are not used to seeing bikes on the road at this time of year. Studies (see our previous blog on this) have shown that the higher the number of bikes on the road, the more likely they are to be seen by car drivers.

Less motorcyclists, less chance a car will see you

In the middle of January, however, only the hardiest riders are out and about, meaning drivers are less likely to spot you.

30 motorcyclists are killed or injured every day at junctions.

Riding defensively makes you less vulnerable.

When out on the road, make sure you:

• anticipate the actions of others

• are alert and observant

• can slow down and stop if the unexpected happens

• position yourself in the safest and best place to maximise your visibility of potential hazards

• take a 'lifesaver' glance over your shoulder before carrying out manoeuvres, so you know where others are and what they’re doing

Sorry for the doom and gloom approach…. The thing is, more often than not, you know what you’re doing on the road: you’re riding sensibly; you’re in the right gear; you’ve got the best safety kit; your headlight’s on – it’s other people you’ve got to worry about.