Tips for riding your motorbike all winter!

Motorcycle in the snow

As cold weather starts to roll in this season it's time to start thinking about what you're going to do with your motorbike this winter. Below are some helpful hints together with a list of the common hazards that bikers may face during the winter months.

Wrap up against the winter – invest in a specialist winter riding gear or make sure your layers overlap well which can make a massive difference to your winter warmth and comfort. Invest in a good leather motorcycle jacket, helmet, gloves and boots.

Respect the winter roads – the riding conditions in winter demand your utmost respect. The simple advice is to take it easy.

Not only will there be much less grip on wet and icy roads, you will also be challenged by the wind and the rain as you ride your motorbike along.

Be aware of hazardous objects being swept onto the roads such as carrier bags, boxes, branches of trees, cones etc.

So give yourself space to adapt, adjust, and slow down.

Pot holes - appearing like puddles, they conceal their depth…that is until you ride over them. Never assume a puddle is just a puddle!

Rider visibility - poor conditions affect everyone else around you too.

Motorists, who struggle to see bikes at the best of times, are even less likely to see you during the winter.

Be aware that pedestrians in wet or cold weather don’t always pay attention to traffic, especially when running across the road to avoid getting wet!

By wearing reflective clothing it helps other road users to see you, especially on dark mornings and early evenings.

Lights - Check your motorbike lights regularly to make sure they are working. Also ensure your lights are visible and clear of dirt.

Signal earlier - Signal earlier to give as much notice as possible to other road users of your intentions.

Tyres - Check your tyre pressure on the bike to ensure it's suitable for winter riding.

Mirrors - In winter months, use anti-misting spray on your visor and mirrors.

Corrosion - during winter corrosion can be avoided by washing off the salt and road dirt. Wax your alloy rims with hard wax to prevent the outboard motor effect.

If you do have to go out this winter on your motorbike, stay alert and ride well within your limit!