Victims of the Clutha tragedy secure compensation

Man looking out to sea

Digby Brown Solicitors has successfully settled all their civil claims following the Clutha helicopter tragedy.

Around 10 pursuers have now received final settlements nearly four years after the 2013 disaster.

Claimants suffered from fractures or psychiatric disorders to serious conditions such spine or brain injuries.

Nearly all cases were settled out of court with liability from Babcock, which owns the police helicopter operator Bond Air Services, never disputed.

However, some cases took years to bring to a conclusion due to disputes over the value of the final settlement.

Mark Gibson, Partner in Foreign & Travel at Digby Brown Solicitors, said: “The Clutha tragedy was an unprecedented event that caused devastation for hundreds, if not thousands, of people across the country.

“No amount of money can prevent the life-changing events of that night in 2013.

“But compensation does give these individuals the means to get their lives back on track so they can focus on recovering with their loved ones.

“To respect our clients’ privacy we will not discuss individual cases, however we can confirm our cases have now settled.”