We don’t cold call and never will

We Never Cold Call Campaign

Digby Brown will never cold call anyone, period.

We regularly hear from people who say they have been contacted out the blue by someone about a road traffic accident. Some even claim to be from Digby Brown.

This isn’t us. If you need legal help, you call us, or use our website to enquire. 

Sadly, there are many scammers out there trying desperately to make new business – even if this involves some lies and cold calling along the way.

We say no. Not acceptable in any circumstance. 

We understand that nobody wants to receive a cold call and it can make people feel harassed and stressed. You've got to ask yourself where they're getting your details from. Certainly not us.

Your privacy matters. And that matters to Digby Brown.

For more information about who we are and our values, please visit about us section on our website.

See tips on how to deal with cold callers for further help.