What can you do to prevent cold calls?

We Never Cold Call Campaign

Cold calls are a nightmare. 

As the call goes on you feel more and more frustrated and when you try to find out where they got your number from there is never a straight answer. There is often a promise to remove you from their list and then a week later they are calling you again.

But what can I do to stop cold calls?

There are a few things that you can do to limit the number of cold calls and/or texts that you receive.

Stop cold calls on landline

Register for the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) – the TPS is a register of numbers that opts your landline number out of live sales and marketing calls. If you are registered then companies are legally required to check the database before cold calling you. It’s a simple online form and it doesn’t cost anything to join the register. You also only have to register once.

Speak to your phone provider – your phone provider may be able to block unwanted calls from overseas, withheld numbers or numbers that they have listed as cold callers. There may be a charge to use this service if it is something your provider can offer. It is important to be aware that often legitimate services such as hospitals call from a withheld number, so you may miss these calls.

Buy a call blocker – a call blocker is a device that you attach to your landline which will block a variety of call types including withheld numbers. Some phones may already have this built in so it is worth checking this first. As above if you block withheld numbers from your landline you may also miss some legitimate calls form organisations such as hospitals.

Screen your calls – some providers offer a service where you can find out who’s calling before you answer allowing you to find out in advance who is trying to reach you. This if often either through caller ID or through a voicemail service. You can then decide whether or not you want to proceed with the call. 

Changing to ex-directory – you can remove your number from the phone directory as in some cases companies will use this to build up a contact list. You will need to contact your landline supplier and they will be able to set this up for you.

Stop cold calls to your mobile

Register for the TPS – did you know that even on your mobile you can register for TPS? You simply text “TPS” to 85095. There should be no charge to send this message or to receive confirmation. Once registered you will receive a confirmation text to confirm that you have been added successfully.

Blocking cold callers – most mobile phone handsets will allow you the option to block a caller preventing them from calling you again. This is different on each handset so it is worth checking how to do this on whatever handset you own.

Blocking “spam” texts – if you recognise the business sending you these texts whether it is a full mobile number or shortcode (a number only 5 digits long), then you can reply with the word STOP and you should be removed from their list. However if you do not recognise the sender or are unsure then you can report the text to your network by forwarding the message to 7726, there is no charge for sending these on.

In all cases it is helpful to look out for opt in or out boxes anywhere that you are required to provide your number. This could be when looking for a new insurance quote or using a price comparison website. It is really important to read the text alongside these boxes as it isn’t always a simple “tick here if you do not want to be contacted”. 

Simply put if the box is to opt in then if you tick the box you are agreeing that you can be contacted, and if the box is to opt out then you are agreeing to be contacted if you do not tick the box. This can be the difference between your number being shared or not with companies who cold call.

At Digby Brown, we stand beside the public on this: cold calls are not welcome, never acceptable and we want them gone.

At Digby Brown we never cold call. We will only contact you if you have contacted us first to arrange a call back or if you are already a client. If you ever receive a cold call claiming to be from Digby Brown then if you can please take any details you can, including the number that called you and report it directly to us via the number below.

We never pass your details on to third parties, so you can be sure that when providing us with your details as part of your case or enquiry, your personal details are safe.