Winter motorcycle riding

Cars on icy road

Some of us can't afford to be fair weather riders and we have to venture out in the cold...

Make sure you're taking care out there as the roads are treacherous at this time of year. It may seem like common sense, but it's really important to be seen.

As it's dull, overcast, and  there are fewer bikes on the roads, other motorists may not be looking for you as carefully as they otherwise do.

  1. Always wear a high visibility jacket - it could save your life.
  2. Make sure you have the right clothing to keep you warm and dry: whether you have a 10-minute commute or you spend hours on a bike each day, wind chill is an issue on two wheels.
  3. Wrap up warm, use layers, consider investing in headed grips to keep your fingers responsive.

Some riders find it helpful to change the foot rest rubbers, to help keep wet boots from slipping. Pop a rag (facecloth, towel, blue roll, anything) to hand to wipe down your headlights to keep you visible.

When you see the amount of grime that sticks to your visor, you can imagine how much worse your headlights will be. The rag is also useful for drying your saddle too.

Be careful in shaded areas, where the roads may not have defrosted, even on warmer days, and where wet leaves may be lurking and less visible.

Keep your battery charged - both on your bike, and on your mobile, just in case you need to ring for assistance.

Stay safe,

Lianda Barnes
Partner, Kirkcaldy Office

Lianda Barnes