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Spinal injury - rehabilitation code of practice

Digby Brown Solicitors subscribes to the Rehabilitation Code of Practice. This is a simple document which, although not mandatory, set outs a framework in which both Digby Brown Solicitors and the compensator (likely to be the insurer) agree to a pre-determined framework which puts the needs of the injured party to the forefront. 

The aim of this code is to encourage the use of rehabilitation and early intervention in the compensation process so that the injured person makes the best and quickest possible medical, social and psychological recovery.

This objective applies whatever the severity of the injuries sustained in the accident.

The Code is designed to ensure that the injured person's need for rehabilitation is assessed and addressed as a priority, and that the process of so doing is pursued on a collaborative basis by Digby Brown and the compensator.

What does that really mean? 

In many cases the issue of who was to blame for the accident is not the argument, this can be fairly straight forward. The question is more of something called Quantum.

We've already identified who the wrongdoer is, we now need to establish what level of compensation is needed to put the injured party back in a financial position pre-accident and consider what financial requirements are needed in the future because of their injuries.

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