Asbestos solicitors secure compensation with only three months to time bar

Older Man Looking Out Window

Robert Brown, 71-year-old-man from Erskine, came to Digby Brown Solicitors after another specialist injury firm in Scotland said they couldn’t take his case any further due to insufficient evidence against his employer for asbestos exposure – with only three months left to claim compensation. They advised him to contact Digby Brown Solicitors.

Mr Brown first discovered he had pleural plaques after he went to see his local GP about a shortness of breath and a crackle he was experiencing from his lower right side.

“I get breathless and have a puffer which I can use now and again but I can’t be as active as I used to be because of it.”

Nobody in the hospital told him that he was able to apply for compensation, it wasn’t until he met with a consultant and was put in touch with a Glasgow based charity that he knew he could take legal action.

“I went through the rigmarole of making a claim with the first firm and they were nice enough but kept saying they would send paperwork and I never received it. This went on for years and I never met a lawyer.

“In the end, they said it was not worthwhile going any further as they would have to pinpoint how I was exposed to asbestos and they couldn’t.”

Gary Ross, Associate solicitor in our Industrial Disease team took over the case after reviewing the evidence. We were able to locate the companies Mr Brown was employed with and looking at the file, it didn’t look like the other law firm had tried that hard to find them or take on board what Mr Brown was telling them.

“Mr Ross got back to me practically right away and took the case on. Nothing was too much trouble – he would get back to me right away and answer any questions I had. Everything was explained in my own language so I understood it all – they never tried to baffle you.”

Mr Brown worked for Scotwood Products (Busby) Limited as a joiner in the 1980s and was exposed to asbestos during his time here. He used to cut into asbestos sheets and fit asbestos ceiling tiles by drilling these into place, which released asbestos dust.

“I worked there for over 12 years and there were no masks back then or safety equipment. You would be drilling into old walls and ceilings and you didn’t know anything about the dangers but my employers did know – but they wanted a quick buck.”

His employer put nothing in place to limit asbestos exposure such as providing protective equipment. These measures would not have been expensive to implement.

Other people Mr Brown worked alongside at the time have died of mesothelioma, including his best friend.

After investigations by our solicitors, it became clear that Mr Brown was also exposed to asbestos when he worked at another company and we sued both companies for compensation.

A court action was raised using no win no fee funding, and our team secured £10,000 in pleural plaques compensation.

“I would give 150% to Digby Brown to be perfectly honest with you. I was over the moon with the result as didn’t think I would get anything after the other firm turned me away but Mr Ross sorted it all out for me.

“Everything was absolutely great all the way through and everyone I met was lovely, it was a far superior service compared to the other firm.

“I would tell anyone to go straight to Digby Brown and I would certainly go to them if anything else was to happen or if I needed advice about anything.”