Ayr office secures £25,000 for pedestrian who was hit by a bus

People crossing the road at a zebra crossing

Our client was on his way home one evening when a bus mounted the kerb and hit him.

“The bus hit me on the left side and knocked me over. My glasses were smashed into my face and I put out my hand to stop myself and landed on my thumb badly.”

After several days in hospital our client was able to go home.

“My thumb was the biggest issue, I couldn’t do anything at home which was a struggle. I still have to wear a splint and I’m still in pain. I’m waiting for an operation which should make it a bit better.

“It was my wife that suggested I go and speak to someone as she could see I wasn’t right. I arranged an appointment at our local solicitor and they recommended I speak to Digby Brown.

“I’d heard the adverts on the radio but never thought anything of them as I hadn’t been injured before.”

Damian White from our Ayr office took on the case.

“Damian was top notch, I had regular updates and he arranged for me to see specialists to get the right treatment for my thumb. Even when COVID hit there was no change in how things were run. I still had regular contact and the communication was great.”

The bus company admitted fault and made an offer of £17,808 for our client’s injuries.

“Damian talked me through the offer and because I was going to have permanent issues, even after my surgery he felt that this wasn’t a fair offer. I took his advice as it was clear he knew what he was on about.”

Damian raised court proceedings to encourage the bus company’s insurer to provide a more suitable offer. They soon came back with an increased offer of £25,000 which our client was happy to accept.

“I was ecstatic with the final offer. Damian was able to get more than I ever thought he would, I really wasn’t expecting that much!

“I would definitely tell anyone who found themselves in a similar situation to contact Digby Brown and let them do what they do, they are definitely the experts.”