Car accident victim benefits from specialist Ayr lawyers

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“I can’t speak highly enough of my lawyer Damian White. Even the boss at my work asked how I managed to get a lawyer like that to fight my case. It is hard to put into words how I feel about the work he did.”

Our client Jim Richmond was driving on the A9 to Aviemore for some hillwalking with his partner when a driver veered into his lane and crashed into him at 60mph.

“It happened so quickly, we had just passed Perth at Bankfoot when I caught a glimpse of a car and I can’t remember much after that as I was in and out of consciousness."

Rescue services were called to the scene where Jim was cut out the car and taken to Ninewells Hospital.

“My life as I knew it was completely changed, it had a big impact on both of us. We both love to cycle and go hillwalking but we couldn’t manage that for almost three years. I struggled to do things I previously took for granted.”

Local family lawyer for help

Jim Richmond suffered from lower back and hip pain as a result of the accident and was diagnosed as suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which is not uncommon for victims after a road accident. He found when he went back to work that he wasn’t able to do the same physical duties and his work was changed which meant he lost out on significant overtime opportunities.

“I knew it wasn’t our fault that the car accident happened and I felt with what had happened we were entitled to something. My first point of contact was our family solicitor who I was friends with and they managed to get me some compensation from the insurers.

“They then explained that they dealt with many areas of law and thought my case was needing more of a specialist lawyer to secure the full amount of compensation I was entitled to.”

“Damian never gave up – I couldn’t fault him”

Damian White, Partner and Head of Digby Brown’s Ayr office, then took over the case and fought on behalf of Jim Richmond. He fully investigated the case to establish what was owed to Jim to fairly compensate him for his injuries and the ordeal he went through.

“Damian just dug and dug even when he came up against a blank wall he would find away around it to build the case. The amount of digging he did into the impact of my injuries was unbelievable.

“I’m definitely not disappointed in the service at all; he put a lot of work into my case - even though it wasn’t worth millions.

“He would always keep you up to date with a message, email or call and then follow up with a letter. He laid it all out – lawyers have a different language from my language but he spoke to me on my level and explained it all.

“I always felt at ease with him, he was a great lawyer and nice with it as well.”

15 times more compensation with specialist lawyers

After multiple offers were made and rejected, Damian secured 15 times more compensation that the previous lawyers.

“He never gave up, there were several offers but he kept chewing away. He proved the accident had brought forward my hip replacement which was the ace up his sleeve.

“I would advise anyone injured in a car accident which wasn’t their fault to contact Damian – he did me well.”