Digby Brown Inverness secures 100 times more compensation for Highland woman

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Digby Brown Solicitors in Inverness secured an outstanding 100 times more compensation for a client in the Highlands when she was injured at work compared to what another Scottish personal injury firm of solicitors recommended she should settle her compensation case for.

Our solicitors in Inverness became involved when the client refused to follow the previous solicitor’s advice, and they withdrew from the case.

How was she injured at work?

The accident occurred while she was at her place of work and the work injury has resulted in ongoing pain, reduced quality of life and has affected her ability to work in the future as she is unlikely to be able to return to her previous profession.

Had there been proper safety procedures in place, the accident could have been prevented.

Conflicting medical evidence as to extent of work injury

However, there were conflicting medical opinions as to the extent of her injury and how it was linked with her accident at work.

Previous personal injury solicitors obtained medical evidence from orthopaedic surgeon

The previous personal injury solicitors obtained a medical expert from an orthopaedic surgeon which confirmed the initial injury but could not explain the on-going symptoms from an orthopaedic perspective.

The initial compensation offer obtained by the previous firm of solicitors was based upon the findings in this medical report.

The other personal injury solicitors did not secure further medical evidence and withdrew from acting a month before the case was meant to go to court due to a lack of supportive evidence to justify a higher award of compensation.

No other personal injury firm prepared to take on her case

Our client was left in a situation where she needed to find other personal injury solicitors to take on her compensation case and represent her with only a month’s preparation before the allocated court hearing.

No other firm of solicitors were prepared to take on the case, but Digby Brown solicitors in Inverness were happy to help.

Digby Brown Inverness secured the right medical evidence

When Digby Brown's Inverness team took over the compensation case, they invested in a further medical opinion from a neurologist, who is a leading expert in his field, and who specialises in the particular type of injury that the client was suffering from.

He very quickly made the correct diagnosis and provided confirmation that the ongoing symptoms were caused by the original injury.

This investment by Digby Brown Solicitors in a further medical report resulted in the compensation case settling for a 100 times more than the initial offer that the previous firm of solicitors achieved.

Darrell Kaye, Partner in Digby Brown’s Inverness office:

“This case highlights the importance of gathering the correct medical evidence to ensure that when people are hurt in an accident, they gain the correct level of compensation they are entitled to”.

Darrell Kaye