Don’t regret who you turn to for legal help after a car accident

Older woman walking in Scotland

“You see the adverts on TV and hear them on the radio and you think – they must be good. I now know first-hand just how great Digby Brown are and wish I had went to them from the get go.”

Linda McAnespie, a 64-year-old woman from South Lanarkshire, was a passenger in her friend’s car when an oncoming car struck them when they were pulling out of their parking space on the street.

Her friend had pulled out from her parked position when it was not safe to do so and was found to be at fault for the accident, which meant she was liable to pay compensation to any injured party.

“I lost my job as a nurse because my injuries meant I couldn’t go back to work. I’ve never lost a job in my life and that really got me down. I suddenly went from earning my own wage to statutory sick pay and money was a real struggle, I was forced to borrow from people to get by.” 

Linda suffered a fracture to her sternum, injury to her left hand and has been left with reduced grip strength.

“I felt useless. I had to rely on other people to do simple things I should have been able to do but I couldn’t lift anything or even lie flat in bed.”

Linda went to another personal injury law firm based in Glasgow, but it transpired that they were going after the wrong driver and they were letting the case go due to a conflict of interest.

“They were absolutely useless. They did nothing for me and just wasted my time in the end.”

David Nellaney, Partner in our Glasgow office, took over the handling of her case.

“I thought nothing was going to happen with my case, but after speaking with David I felt much more positive – he clearly knew what he was doing and I felt like there was light at the end of the tunnel.

“From the moment David got involved in my case, everything went so quickly. Compared to my previous solicitor, David actually spoke to me and explained it all so clearly – he was always there for me and I was able to finally stop worrying.”

In the end, Linda received a settlement of £23,500 for her injuries and losses. 

“I was very happy with the compensation and to get closure on it all. I couldn’t have asked for anything else – David made the whole thing a lot easier and I knew he did the very best for me.

“I went from worrying I would lose my house to taking early retirement so I can enjoy my time with my kids and grandchildren.

“I just wish we hadn’t jumped in at the beginning and accepted any old recommendation. Instead, we should have taken the time to think about it. Don’t make my mistake.”