Medical care, counselling, physiotherapy... Digby Brown gets you more than just compensation

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Mairi Bell thought road traffic accident claims were just about money.

The adverts, headlines and cold-call texts…

None of it made Mairi think anyone actually cared about her needs should the time ever come.

Unfortunately, the time did come.

Mairi was driving in heavy rain on the expressway outside East Kilbride. An impatient and reckless driver was tailgating her and when she slowed to take a turn off she was rear-ended.

The collision left her with a painful shoulder injury that was so bad she couldn’t even raise her arm to wash her hair. Mairi was also left with a fear of getting back in a car – especially in the rain.

Like most people, Mairi initially thought the car insurance company would help with her personal injury action so she agreed to deal with the claims handler provided by her legal expenses insurance (LEI) – but the level of support and service fell way short of what Mairi expected.

They didn’t properly assess her injuries.

They didn’t ask her how the injuries impacted her life.

They didn’t make Mairi feel like she mattered.

And even more astonishingly – despite the lack of analysis – Mairi said she felt pushed to accept a settlement of just £1,400.

“I thought I was doing the right thing by agreeing to use the LEI handler. It is very intimidating when you are on your own trying to deal with these types of things.

“I couldn’t speak to them when I wanted to and if I tried to phone I was always on hold.

“When I did liaise with them I was sent for one minor medical check-up and that was it.

“Next thing I know I’m being pushed to accept an offer of £1,400.”

Being encouraged to accept such a small sum – especially when she was still in excruciating pain – is when Mairi started asking around for advice.

That’s when she learned she didn’t have to use a claims handler with her legal expenses insurance provider – she could choose an actual solicitor with an independent legal firm.

After a recommendation Mairi opted to come to Digby Brown.

David Nellaney, Partner in our Glasgow office, took over the entire investigation – even retrieving all the information held by the first claims handler.

While he investigated the circumstances of the road traffic collision he arranged for Mairi to be assessed by an orthopaedic consultant – their expert opinion is crucial in understanding the extent and impact of Mairi’s shoulder injury.

To help with the pain David also arranged for Mairi to see a physiotherapist and acupuncture specialist to aid her physical wellbeing.

And to help with the mental impact Mairi was also given access to cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to help rebuild her confidence her get back behind the wheel.

“I now believe that no one should blindly go with the help the insurance company provides.

“With Digby Brown and David there was trust and a genuine concern in everything that was going on with me – I felt totally looked after. 

“When I compare that to how the LEI claims handler treated me I can see they didn’t really care and I’m in no doubt that if I stayed with them then I’d probably still have issues with my shoulder.

“But I didn’t. I came to Digby Brown. The firm helped me access treatment I didn’t even know I was entitled to.

“All of it has played a huge part in me getting my life back.”

David Nellaney settled Mairi’s case for £9,500 – SIX TIMES MORE than the sum offered by the LEI claims handler. 

So why is there such a difference in service?

There are many reasons why people let insurance companies handle their injury claims.

Some don’t understand their rights. Some think it’s just convenient. Some are maybe too shaken after a crash to think clearly.

But the key thing to remember is that letting an insurer settle your claim – or pick your claims handler – may not be in your best interest. 

And the reason why is simple:

If insurers write the cheque for your compensation is it in your interest to let them decide the value of that cheque?

Only independent legal advice from a reputable car accident solicitor can help you get fair compensation – as well as the medical care, physio and other support you may benefit from.