Polish cleaner successful with injury claim after accident at work

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Our specialist foreign and travel law solicitors helped a local Polish woman in Edinburgh, Małgorzata, after she was hurt in an accident at work which was not her fault.

How did the accident at work happen?

Małgorzata was working as a full time cleaner for a commercial cleaning company in Scotland.  While cleaning an office she had worked in for some years, she was hurt while trying to take rubbish to an outside container.  The yard where the container was stored had no outside light, causing Malgorzata to fall over a pile of pallets which had been left on the ground.

The fall caused Małgorzata injuries to her right foot – after the accident it went blue and swollen and there was a cut on her foot which was bleeding. However, she continued working despite the pain and reported the work accident so it was logged in the accident book.

Since the accident, a bin has been placed next to the back door of the building which means people no longer need to cross the unlit yard.

Małgorzata injury at work

A month after the accident at work, part of her right foot was still sore to the touch so she decided to go to a doctor.

Małgorzata was given a sick line for two weeks and after choosing to go back to work, she struggled. Her husband needed to help around the house and she had to be careful with which shoes she wears as they now can’t be too tight or with a heel as it causes too much pain.

Małgorzata decided to get in touch with Digby Brown Solicitors after she noticed our advert on Emito.net.

Why did Małgorzata turn to Digby Brown Solicitors for her injury claim?

Małgorzata could see from Emito.net that Digby Brown personal injury solicitors help people in Scotland where English is not their first language - we have Polish speaking personal injury solicitors - so she decided to enquire about making a work injury claim.

“I was a bit stressed about contacting a lawyer. I wanted to pursue a claim for compensation but I had thoughts that it may all go wrong.”

Digby Brown Solicitors have a huge amount of experience and expertise in injury claims for people in Scotland after they’ve been in an accident. We have a specialist Foreign and Travel solicitors within Digby Brown that are native Polish speakers to ensure our clients fully understand what is going on with their compensation case throughout the injury claim process and that we fully understand what happened and how it has affected them. 

“It was very helpful to be able to communicate in a Polish language. I understand some English language but I felt much more confident having one of the ladies translating next to me. I understood all the details.”

How did Digby Brown solicitors secure compensation for Małgorzata?

Małgorzata’s employers denied they were responsible for the accident at work which injured her, but Digby Brown thoroughly investigated the circumstances of the accident to prove the employer was at fault. We obtained proper medical reports to evaluate the extent of her injury.

Our Polish solicitors at Digby Brown settled the work accident claim for over £5,000.

Kim Leslie, partner and solicitor within Foreign and Travel department;

“It can be challenging to prove fault when no accident report is prepared. Małgorzata had reported her accident at work but no accident report had been completed. However, we were able to obtain supportive witness statements, which we believed would establish fault and that those responsible for her workplace were to blame for her accident.”

Małgorzata was very happy, and surprised, with the level of compensation she received as she thought there was no hope after her employers initially denied liability for the accident.

“The service that Digby Brown provided was astonishing! All the Polish ladies are friendly, polite and the service was 100% great! When I picked up the phone from any of the Polish ladies, the conversation was always friendly and polite. 100% guarantee of satisfaction with staff and service.

“Digby Brown is definitely worth recommending. I am sure about your expertise and legal knowledge. I had no hopes in relation to my case before I called you. I would definitely recommend you because you do everything to prove the injured person’s right”

If you have been injured after an accident at work and would like to discuss an injury claim for compensation with a local, Polish speaking solicitor, please get in touch on 0333 200 5925 or complete a short personal injury enquiry form and someone will be in touch.