School pupil sustained brain injury after being run down by speeding motorist

Traffic in town

Digby Brown pursued a brain injury claim for an Edinburgh school pupil who was struck by a speeding motorist.

Our client was crossing a road in Edinburgh with a friend when she was struck by a car travelling at a speed of 54 mph, although the speed limit for that area was 30 mph. The cause of the accident was denied by the motorist’s insurance company.

Our client suffered from a severe traumatic brain injury with multiple skull fractures and facial lacerations.

She was in intensive care and remained in hospital for several months. Her injuries have required that she go back to hospital for further surgeries.

The severe brain injury that she sustained as a result of the road traffic accident in Edinburgh has had a lifelong impact on her life.

She suffers from memory loss, fatigue and headaches, low moods and her sense of taste and smell is impaired. She is unable to look after herself independently and relies on her parents. Her brain injuries have affected her social relationships, education and she will find it difficult to find a job in the future.

The insurance company made an initial compensation offer of £350,000. This offer was rejected and Digby Brown personal injury solicitors began court proceedings.

Following extensive investigations into the brain injuries sustained by our client, the claim settled for £1,000,000.

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