Severe burns to scalp after highlights applied at hairdresser for girl in Glenrothes

Lady getting hair dyed at haridressers

For Megan Crichton, a simple trip to the hair salon for some highlights turned to disaster for 17 year old Megan.

How was she injured at hair salon?

Her highlights were applied using a cap and brush.

Despite the hairdresser checking the highlights regularly Megan experienced a burning sensation to her scalp which, on removal of the product, began to weep and bleed.

Megan sustained severe burns

Once the burns had healed however she was left with a large patch of alopecia on her scalp – obviously devastating for a young woman.

Personal injury claim against hair salon

Megan says:“I realised that my injuries were no fault of my own and a month later I was introduced to Digby Brown Solicitors.

"They were very professional. They listened to my case, helped me get the appropriate medical care and were able to answer all my questions which made the whole process much easier.”

Bald patch there for rest of her life

During the past five years Megan has undergone four very painful operations to reduce her alopecia with limited success.

She will have to live with a 3cm by 4cm bald patch on her crown for the rest of her life.

Psychological trauma and social anxiety from injuries

Digby Brown’s Innes Laing from our Kirkcaldy office says: “Megan has suffered severe psychological trauma and the social anxiety phobia she developed made it difficult for her to interact with others or lead a normal life. Five years later she is only now feeling confident enough to return to work.”

Compensation for personal injury

Megan’s case was settled just before it went to the Court of Session in Edinburgh and she received substantial compensation.

Megan says: “I would not want anyone to experience what I have, but if you do I would recommend you speak to Digby Brown Solicitors.

"They gave me the support and confidence to pursue my case with amazing results.”