Worker left with permanent scar awarded £11,500 - after coming to Digby Brown for a second opinion

Man looking out window

Murray was left with a visible scar down the entire side of his face after being told to repair a shed door at work.

The door had rotten away, causing the spring to fly out and cut his face. He ended up with nine stitches in his face.

“It was awful – everyone would just look at me and keep their distance as they thought I looked like I’d been up to no good.

“When I went back into work, my boss actually laughed at me. I couldn’t believe it. That was when I decided I wanted to make a claim.”

Murray got in touch with a Glasgow firm who told him he had a ‘really good case’.

Two and a half years later, someone from his original solicitors got in touch to tell him they couldn’t continue with the case as they didn’t think they could win.

“It was totally out the blue. I had been chasing them for years to find out what was happening and they always said the case was going great.

“They said I could get a second opinion so I got in touch with Digby Brown. The difference was unreal.”

Ashley Sturrock, Associate in our Edinburgh office took on the case.

“Straight away Ashley was on the case. When I told her I had a witness, she immediately contacted them - where the other firm hadn’t been interested.

“I was also made to pay for my doctors records with the other firm but Ashley sent me to see specialist doctors and I didn’t have to pay a penny.

“Any time anything changed with my case, she would give me a call. The service was like chalk and cheese.”

After collecting the right evidence - that the other solicitor failed to obtain - Ashley was able to get Murray’s employer to accept liability. Along with an offer of £11,500 in compensation for his accident at work, which he was delighted to accept.

“I was over the moon with the outcome. For me, it wasn’t just about the money but the principal of it all. I wanted my employer to admit they were at fault and take responsibility – not laugh it off.

“I would tell anyone involved in an accident to go straight to Digby Brown - and if you are with another solicitor, to see if you can switch to them.

“Digby Brown take the burden off you and make the whole process easier.”