Dundee event on hidden risk of asbestos in homes and workplaces

Asbestos in roof sheet

Asbestos Action, a national charity helping and supporting those suffering from asbestos related diseases, is holding an event this week which will highlight the hidden risk posed by asbestos in our homes and workplaces.

The event, which will also be the charity’s 15th Annual General Meeting, takes place at Discovery Point in Dundee on Friday (21st July) and will include discussion of the challenges in obtaining justice for those who suffer the consequences of inadvertent asbestos exposure.

The charity has seen a 30% increase in demand for its services in the past year, as Scotland’s past industrial legacy of asbestos exposure coupled with the ongoing risk associated with the presence of asbestos in schools, public buildings and houses continues to result in increasing numbers of people being diagnosed with asbestos related disease.

John Fearn, General Manager of Asbestos Action, said

“The demand for our services is increasing. Asbestos disease is not just a legacy of our industrial past. It is an increasing problem for current and future generations.

“It is important for us to actively campaign to help raise awareness of the dangers of asbestos exposure and its widespread presence in our houses, schools and workplaces."

Also speaking at the event will be Euan Love, a Partner within Digby Brown’s specialist Industrial Disease team.  Euan said:

“Serious asbestos related diseases, such as mesothelioma, are vicious and cruel and are devastating not only for those diagnosed, but also for their families.

“We now see an increasing number of cases where the likely asbestos exposure, which may have occurred decades ago, was not the result of working in heavy industry. Instead, it may be the result of being involved in the construction industry, or as a consequence of occupying buildings where asbestos is disrupted."

Download the Press Release about the Dundee Asbestos event with full details and extended quotes from John Fearn and Euan Love.