Dundee solicitors help art teacher after she was bitten by a dog

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Digby Brown Solicitors helped an art teacher in Dundee recover compensation after she was bitten by a dog.

Kristina Aburrow, 34, was crossing the road in Aberdeen when she was mauled by a Rottweiler that was passing with its owner.

Despite needing stitches to a four-inch gash on her left forearm she was shocked when the police took no action against the dog owner.

Thankfully, our Dundee office was able to offer Kristina access to justice - even in the absence of criminal proceedings.

Robert Kernaghan, Partner at Digby Brown’s Dundee office, said: “This was a truly traumatic incident for our client and despite suffering a terrible physical injury it’s often the scars we don’t see that have the biggest impact.

“That is why it is vital that victims know there are other ways to secure answers and justice in the absence of criminal prosecutions.

“Civil law is clear on dog bite cases - if an animal has bitten someone then the owner of that animal is strictly liable, unless of course the animal was acting in self-defence or was goaded into attacking.

“Digby Brown helps thousands of people every year after suffering from negligence such as road or workplace accidents, asbestos diseases or accidents abroad – and dog bite attacks are no different.”

Kristina’s case was reported by:

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