Family whose baby suffered burns at Aberdeen nursery seek help from Digby Brown

Pictures of baby burn injuries and family

This week it emerged a tiny toddler suffered terrible injuries while in the care of Little Dreams Nursery in Aberdeen.

Blake Nilssen, aged one, suffered second-degree burns after toppling an unattended cleaning bucket filled with boiling water and bleach while trying to stand up at the Little Dreams Nursery in Aberdeen.

A report from the Care Inspectorate – which upheld multiple complaints against the nursery – confirmed his injury occurred, and was potentially worsened, following failures from staff.

One of the failures was that Blake was denied urgent medical treatment because instead of calling for an ambulance, nursery staff waited for him to be collected by parents.

Neil Davidson, Partner in our Aberdeen office, is now helping the family investigate the incident and help provide Blake with access to the best possible medical care to aid his recovery and rehabilitation.

He said: “What happened to Blake is horrendous.

“The trauma he and his parents experienced will endure for a long time so I praise their courage in speaking out.

“As parents we place the highest trust in those who care for our children and the Care Inspectorate quite rightly demanded improvements at this nursery.

“We will do all we can to help this young family recover and move on following this awful incident.”

Further information about this shocking incident can be found in the national media such as BBC, STV, Press & Journal and Daily Mail.