Riding your bike safely along Aberdeenshire roads

Motorcycle handlebars and throttle

As the days start getting longer, minds turn once again to thoughts of getting the bike out of the garage and back on the road. Hours will be spent making sure the bike is roadworthy. For some there is nothing better than stripping and rebuilding the bike ahead of the first run out of the season. For others, there is the joy of a trip to the dealership for a once over before hitting the roads.

March is traditionally the month with the highest incident of motorcycle accidents in the Aberdeenshire area.

Since 2009, whilst there has been a reduction in fatalities on the Aberdeenshire roads, there is still a huge opportunity to reduce the number of motorcycle accidents. As we emerge from months of hibernation from riding, it is worthwhile bearing a few things in mind.

Digby Brown’s specialist motorcycle accident solicitors recommend:

1. Keep your speed down

Getting back on the road again is not as ‘easy as riding a bike’!  You may not be as road fit as you were at the end of last season. It takes time to get back in shape. Take care and keep your speed down.

2. Be aware of build-up grit and other winter debris

The vast majority of accidents are down to rider error. The roads can still be icy, or damp under trees, and you need to be aware of built-up of grit and other winter debris. Left handers can catch you out, particularly when it’s cold and you are out of practice.

3. Advanced training for motorcyclists

Advanced training will undoubtedly make you a better and safer rider, but it will also increase the enjoyment you get from biking. It can also save you money on your Insurance as most insurance companies see you as less of a risk if you have completed further training. For the price of a rear tyre, you could get training that could save your life.

4. Be visible on your motorbike

Lastly, remember other road users may not be expecting to see you out there. This means they may not specifically be looking out for bikes.  Be very wary of cars turning right across your path, or pulling out of junctions. It may be difficult to believe that a responsible driver can look but fail to see a motorcycle before it’s too late, however, ironically, it seems the more experienced the driver, the less attuned they may be to seeing motorcyclists after the winter break. Sometimes, people only see what they expect to see.

Motorcycle accident in Aberdeen with lorry

We recently helped a client after he was injured in a motorcycle accident in Aberdeen because the lorry driver had not seen him on the road. The driver pulled out in front of him, collided with his motorcycle and knocked him off his bike. We proved fault after the driver denied liability for motorcycle accident.

Motorcycle accident in Aberdeen with another car

In another Aberdeen motorcycle accident, our client was travelling along the A90 Aberdeen to Peterhead road when a car driver travelling towards him in the filter lane didn’t see him and turned across his lane, panicked and stopped causing him to block the carriageway. Our specialist motorcycle accident solicitors collected evidence from the right medical and employment experts to properly investigate his motorcycle accident and resulting injuries.

Please take it easy on the Aberdeenshire roads, keep speeds down, and, above all, make sure you get home safe.