Digby Brown is top personal injury firm for 16th year – and why it matters to you

Chambers and Partners 2022 logo along with some celebratory confetti

One of the most prestigious legal ranking systems in the world has revealed that Digby Brown is the top personal injury firm in Scotland.

Chambers & Partners confirmed the Band 1 status on Thursday 21 October after a 10-month review of law firms across the country.

The coveted ranking was also awarded to our Clinical Negligence team and our Aberdeen office following impressive results in road traffic, workplace and offshore accident claims.

Eight people at Digby Brown were also recognised for their expertise in more specialist areas of law.

The new Chambers 2022 edition marks the 16th year we have earned Band 1 status and the fifth year it has held the ranking on its own.

Fraser Oliver, Chief Executive of Digby Brown, said: “Receiving Band 1 status again is genuinely remarkable for everyone here at the firm.

“Our people are often recognised by judges for charity awards or legal rankings but I cannot stress enough that these accolades are never ‘expected’ nor do we never rest on our laurels.

“Recognition such as this only comes from a consistent drive to deliver excellence, expertise, unrivalled results and a compassionate client service – all while looking to innovate and challenge the obstacles that prevent people accessing justice.

“So to all Digby Brown staff I’d like to offer a sincere congratulations on everything you do in helping deliver the industry-leading service the people of Scotland have come to rely on.”

The latest compilation of the rankings is known as Chambers 2022 and the personal injury rankings for Scotland can be found here.

The eight individuals at Digby Brown who have been recognised for their specialist expertise are:

How the Chambers ranking system works – and why it matters to you

Chambers & Partners is an annual publication that ranks law firms all over the world.

It does this by analysing the level of service law firms provide in each practice type such as personal injury, family law, criminal law, property law, etc.

The reason the rankings exist is to help the public identify the top firms so they can access the best possible legal support for their own case.

Chambers & Partners – which is a completely independent organisation - makes the rankings after a 10-month review of all law firms.

They do this by analysing the biggest and most complicated cases each firm has handled over the previous 12 months.

The analysis looks at:

  • How the firm overcame any challenges in each case
  • The quality of the results (such as how much compensation the client received and how this compared with the first offer)
  • Any life-affirming impacts the case had on the clients
  • Did the law firm set any new legal standard?
  • And crucially – the feedback from other lawyers and experts who deal with each law firm

Once everything has been considered Chambers & Partners then grades each firm.

These grades – known as ‘Bands’ – are then published in a definitive list with Band 1 being the best and Band 4 being the lowest.

This list is then published in October every year and it becomes the trusted marker for the best legal service over the next year (until the whole process starts again for the following year’s rankings).

Lots of people simply search for legal help on Google. Or maybe they go by recommendations from friends. Or maybe it’s the likes of Trustpilot that help people make decisions. Every person has their own method and each method is valid in its own right.

But if you want to know how law firms stack up after scrutiny from impartial legal experts… if you want to see ALL the results side-by-side in one place… if you want to see exactly who is the best at delivering results compared to just looking good on adverts…. then there really is no better place than Chambers & Partners to judge the quality of a firm (well, apart from The Legal 500).